The debate is still going on about whether cannabis is indeed worth legalizing as a medical solution to such ailments as chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting, chronic pain, and some neurological problems or not. And although some states in the U.S. have already legalized its use, medical marijuana still remains illegal per federal law. There are, however, a growing number of people benefiting from medical marijuana as part of special state-sanctioned programs.

If you have just enrolled in such a program or are planning to apply to one, it pays to learn as much as you can about medical marijuana and its use. Among the things you should know about are the methods of use. In the past, people could only ingest marijuana by smoking it (joints, bongs, etc.). These days, however, a new method of use is slowly but surely becoming more popular: the use of vaporizers, more commonly known as vaping.

The Case for Portable Vaporizers

Vaporizers come in both desktop and handheld versions. If you need to vaporize both at home and on-the-go, you may automatically think a handheld device is your best option. But the choice isn’t necessarily that easy to make. You see, most portable vaporizers don’t really offer the same level of functionality as desktop versions do. They have smaller chambers, shorter battery lives, and a limited method of intake.

Despite these disadvantages, many people still choose portable vaporizers over desktops for the simple reason that they are a lot more convenient and much easier to use. Whether you’re at home, in the office, or on vacation somewhere, you can vaporize with a handheld device whenever you need to. And unless you need to have a longer vaporizing session on a regular basis, you may not really feel the need to buy a desktop vaporizer for home use and a portable one for on-the-go use. Most people don’t mind having to constantly refill or recharge their vaporizer even when they’re at home.

A Quick Look at the DaVinci Vaporizer

This is one of the portable vaporizers that are gradually gaining popularity among those who use medical marijuana. Obviously, the DaVinci vaporizer takes its name from world renowned artist, Leonardo da Vinci. It is a pocket-sized vaporizer designed to deliver the benefits of medical marijuana in a cleaner manner by vaporizing, rather than burning, it. It is made from 304 stainless steel material and medical-grade silicone, with an atomizer as its heating element. It also features non-lead soldering as well as a high-temperature body, and is powered by a Li-ion battery.


The DaVinci vaporizer is one of the more popular models currently available.

In order for you to fully benefit from your Davinci vaporizer, you’ll have to learn how to properly use its temperature control settings. The ideal temperature setting depends on the substance you’re vaporizing, of course. Where cannabis is concerned, the ideal temperature setting is somewhere between 365°F and 450°F. If you’re using a vaporizer for the first time, you may have to try a few different temperature settings until you find the one that provides you with the best effects. As a general rule, higher temperatures result in more of a sedated effect whereas lower temperatures result in more of a psychoactive high.

Aside from knowing the ideal temperature setting, you should also learn how to properly vaporize cannabis in order to get the best results. It is generally advisable to grind the marijuana leaves before inserting them into the vaporizer’s herb chamber. Just be careful not to grind it too much, as granules that are too fine may fall through the chamber’s ventilation holes or get inhaled through the tube and end up in your mouth, something you may not appreciate. You should also remember not to pack the granules too tight, as that restricts airflow and may cause combustion.

Proper use of a vaporizer includes regular cleaning. This prevents any buildup that may cause the device to malfunction. It also helps improve the quality of the vapor you ingest. Here is a quick, step-by-step guide to cleaning your DaVinci vaporizer:

1. Allow the device to cool completely.
2. Empty it of the botanicals you’ve vaporized. Brush away loose pieces, using the brush that comes with the device upon purchase. Scrape residue off the walls of the chamber using the metal end of the brush.
3. Clean the inside of the heating chamber using a cotton bud dipped in alcohol or a non-abrasive cleanser.
4. Unscrew the cap of the metal cylinder above the heating chamber to remove two of the device’s three screens. Clean these screens thoroughly, as they affect the vapor’s flavor. Gently remove the third screen from the bottom of the heating chamber and clean it as well.
5. Look through the flexi straws to see if there is any noticeable debris in them. If there are none, wash the inner plastic tube with warm water and a pipe cleaner.

Other than preventing buildup, regularly cleaning your vaporizer also keeps the vapor flavorful and the air path free, making it easier for you to take draws. Regular cleaning therefore improves your overall vaping experience.

Also among the things you’d want to note about your vaporizer is the battery life. This is important because it tells you how often you’d have to recharge the device, therefore giving you an idea as to how cost-efficient a particular device is. Where the DaVinci is concerned, you can enjoy its benefits for as long as 45 minutes non-stop. Another advantage is that when the battery dies out, you can simply plug it in and continue using the device, as it can be safely used while charging.

If you’re ever diagnosed with a condition such as chronic pain or any neurological problem, you may want to seriously consider medical marijuana as a solution. And when you do, you’d do well to use a vaporizer instead of directly smoking cannabis. The dangers of smoking are serious enough to make your use of cannabis counter-productive. With portable vaporizers, however, you can enjoy the benefits of cannabis without worrying about the risks commonly associated with smoking.

The DaVinci Vaporizer – What It Can Do for You
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