The medical use of cannabis, or marijuana, is now widely accepted in many places. Among its most notable health benefits are the reduction of vomiting and nausea in people undergoing chemotherapy as well as the treatment of muscle spasticity. If you’ve never had the need for medical marijuana, then you probably know very little about its use. In the event that you find yourself or a loved one suffering from conditions that can possibly be treated with cannabis, it certainly pays to know more about the medical use of this substance that has long gotten a bad rap simply because it was abused by many in the past.

The Growing Popularity of Vaping
One of the things you need to learn more about when it comes to medical marijuana is the manner of ingestion. Gone are the days when people ingested cannabis using a bong, a joint, or that one-hitter usually disguised as a cigarette. These days, people who use marijuana do so with the help of a vaporizer, and the manner of use is popularly known as vaping.

The rise in popularity of vaping may be attributed to the constant warnings people have been getting about the dangers of smoking. Regardless of whether you’re smoking cigarettes or medical marijuana, it is said that smoking is harmful to your health. Period. So people who found themselves in need of using cannabis for medical purposes found themselves in a dilemma: How can they avail of the medical benefits of cannabis without suffering the negative effects of smoking? The solution came in the form of vaporizers.

Vaporizers work by heating the cannabis until it turns into an inhalable mist. The process is said to get rid of the toxins that are normally ingested when you smoke, rather than vape. Even better news is that much like any other form of technology, vaporization technology has gradually improved over the years. The design and functionality of vaporizers, among other things, have evolved such that you now have the opportunity to take medical marijuana in the most convenient and relaxing way possible. This may also be one of the biggest reasons for the ever-growing popularity of vaping and the waning popularity of smoking.

Desktop vs. Portable Vaporizer
Once you’re convinced of the benefits of vaping over smoking, the next question that’ll probably come to mind is whether it is best to get a desktop or a portable vaporizer. As the name suggests, desktop vaporizers are quite big and bulky machines that plug into your wall. They are usually placed on a coffee table or countertop and work by blowing out vapor into airtight sacks. You then suck the vapor out of those sacks. Portable vaporizers, on the other hand, is smaller and works on batteries instead of an electrical cord.

The portability and ease of use alone are enough reasons for many people to choose handheld vaporizers over desktop models. Since they run on batteries, you won’t have to bring an electrical cord and deal with the hassle of trying to find an electrical socket everywhere you go; you can use the vaporizer whenever and wherever you need. There are even vaporizers you can easily pop into your pocket, which means you can avail of the benefits of medical cannabis even you go someplace without bringing a bag.


Vaporizers allow you to benefit from medical marijuana without worrying about the health risks of smoking. Portable versions make it even easier to do so.

Now, for some tips on how you can effectively use a portable vaporizer:

• It’s best to mill a pinch of weed before putting it into the vaporizer. Using powdery weed helps ensure that it cooks evenly and that none of your cannabis gets burned on the surface while still raw in the middle.
• Gently shake the powder into the vaporizer’s heating chamber and then turn the device on.
• Wait for about half a minute for the cannabis powder to get heated, and then you may start inhaling.

A bonus tip for long-time smokers: The sooner you switch to vaping, the better it is for your health in general. It may be a bit difficult at first, but when you realize that vaping actually provides more pleasant scents and makes your weed more flavorful, the transition from smoking will surely become a lot easier. After all, who would choose acrid smoke over aromatic, richly-flavored vapor? You wouldn’t, for sure.

Vaping, of course, comes with its own set of disadvantages. For one thing, vaporizers can be a bit expensive and complicated to maintain; you’ll have to work your way through the overwhelming amount of information regarding temperatures, granular texture, and battery capacity. When you consider the health benefits, however, you may agree with others that the switch from smoking to vaping is definitely well worth it.

Many erstwhile smokers have reported that they felt their lungs clear up within two to three months of switching to vaping; and those are the heavy smokers. If you don’t smoke so heavily, then you can expect your lungs to clear up in less time. Furthermore, those who have switched to vaping and then tried smoking again reported being surprised at how quickly and sharply the smoke hit their lungs. You don’t have to go through a similar experience to appreciate the gentle, aromatic, and delicious mists that vaping offers.

Acquiring Cannabis


As a final note, remember that there are various ways of obtaining medical cannabis, depending on the legislation in your area. Most American consumers choose to grow their own wherever possible or acquire their weed from authorized dispensaries across the country. There are even vending machines used solely for dispensing marijuana in the United States, and these machines are set to be used in the near future in Canada as well. Although the medical use of cannabis has been legalized in several states in the U.S., it remains illegal by federal law. You’ll have to make sure you follow all the regulations for its use.

Vaporizers have indeed given people a better chance of enjoying the medical benefits of cannabis without having to face the health risks associated with smoking. So take the time to learn as much as you can about vaping, particularly the legal aspects. Your health is definitely worth the trouble.

Enjoying the Benefits of Cannabis with a Portable Vaporizer
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