Vaporizer Plugs for Handheld Units

As technological advancement continues, you may have noticed electronic devices getting smaller and smaller. When the computer was first developed, it was as big as a small apartment. Today, there are computer tablets smaller than a textbook and only as thin as a magazine. The same phenomenon can be observed in vaporizers. The very first units were quite bulky, needed to be placed on top of a counter or table, and had to be constantly plugged into an electrical socket when in use. These days, there are countless portable units you can easily slip into your pocket and use on the go.

But portable vaporizer weren’t always popular. When they were first invented and introduced on the market, people weren’t so receptive. That may be because they were made from low-quality materials, had inefficient design, and were poorly constructed. The good news is that there have been several handheld vaporizers of excellent quality released in recent years, and it is these products that successfully gave portable units an amazing rise in popularity. Should you follow suit and start using a handheld vaporizer? There may indeed be good reason for you to do so.

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The first vaporizers were bulky tabletop models, but many portable units of good quality have been released in recent years. photo by inhalater

Benefits of Using Portable Vaporizers
Most people who vaporize do so as a healthier alternative to smoking. If you have a tabletop vaporizer at home, but you’re out of the house for most of the day, the temptation to smoke just might become too great for you to resist. With a handheld unit, you can vape wherever and whenever you want, and stay true to your commitment to stop smoking. Another huge advantage of using portable units is that they cost a lot less than tabletop models. They are also a lot easier to use and clean.

Furthermore, handheld units are much more convenient to use because they don’t have to be plugged in while in use. This means you can use them even when you don’t have access to an electrical socket, provided that the batteries are fully charged, of course. There are also portable units powered by butane, which are ideal for the use of individuals who love the outdoors and are constantly camping out in places where they don’t have access to electricity. And if you’re worried about vapor quality, there’s no need to be. Many handheld units are as powerful as their desktop counterparts; the only difference is that they’re smaller.

Vaporizer Plugs for Handheld Units

Convenience is one of the major advantages of handheld vaporizers because they don’t have to be plugged in while in use. photo by Keoni Cabral

Shopping for a Portable Vaporizer
As handheld vaporizer became more and more popular, the number of options being offered also grew. Today, someone choosing a vaporizer for the first time is likely to get more than a little confused. It is with this in mind that we put together this quick guide to shopping for a portable vaporizer. What are the things you need to consider? How much do you to spend to get a good vaporizer? Read on to find the answers to these important questions in preparation for vaporizer shopping.

Things to Consider
Price is among the very first things you may want to consider when shopping for a vaporizer. For your first vape, you can get a unit of good quality for under $100. If you want to go mid-range, there are vaporizers available for $100-$250. If money isn’t a concern, you can spend $300 or more. Remember, though, that a higher price doesn’t necessarily mean better performance.

Efficiency is another important consideration. You can’t just buy a unit because it has a reasonable price; you have to make sure you’re getting good value for the price you pay. Check out which units make the material last longer and which ones give you the biggest inhales possible. You may also want to check the learning curve of each unit you’re considering. How long does it take to master the technique that gives you the best vaping experience using the unit? If it takes too long to master, it may not really be worth your while.

Temperature control is also something you’d want to consider when you shop for a handheld vaporizer. Are you okay with a unit that’s preset at the factory or do you want to have control over the temperature settings? If you want to have the ability to adjust the unit’s temperature, would you like a unit with analog controls (a knob or dial) or do you want one with digital control? As a general rule, more control over temperature is useful for vaporizing different materials.

So, there you have it. A few basic information and tips for choosing a handheld vaporizer; these should equip you to find the unit that perfectly meets your specific needs and preferences. It may also be a good idea to ask family and friends about the units they use, and to read reviews about the units you’re considering. Happy vaping!

Portable Handheld Vaporizer – Benefits and Buying Tips
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