Although there’s still an ongoing debate as to the medical use of marijuana, many people are now using it to treat various ailments under special, government-sanctioned programs. Those who have been using medical marijuana for years have also gotten used to smoking the substance as a joint or using a bong. These days, however, vaporizing (or vaping, as it is more commonly called) is the preferred method of taking marijuana. You may be wondering why this method has become popular and what makes it better than the traditional way of smoking cannabis.

Why Switch to Vaping?

Your health is the most important reason why you should consider switching from smoking to vaping. By now you should already be aware of the many health risks associated with smoking. Whether it’s tobacco, cannabis, or any other substance, the process involved in smoking carries these health risks. If you’re taking cannabis to improve your health, then exposing yourself to the health risks of smoking is counter-productive, isn’t it? Vaping is a healthier option because it doesn’t come with the same risks. Those who have switched to vaping even report that their lungs feel a lot better than when they were still smoking their cannabis.

Where to Buy Vaporizers

Once you’ve made the decision to switch to vaping, one of the things you may be wondering about is where to buy vaporizers. This is indeed an important consideration, seeing that credible sellers usually offer the best products in terms of quality and value for money. The most reliable sellers also offer the most reasonable prices in general. And when you buy from a credible seller, you’ll know you’re getting the real deal and not some knock-off or imitation product of inferior quality.

Here are a few suggestions as to where to buy vaporizers:

1. United States or Canada
We have two suggestions for those who live in the United States or Canada. One is DavinciVaporizer.comThe Ascent, which is considered to be the most advanced vaporizer in the market. They offer a precision control temperature and pure, 100% glass pathway on their Ascent vaporizers. Among the best reasons to buy from this seller is that you can customize the look of your vaporizer and the purity of flavor it can produce, giving you the ultimate vaping experience.

You may also consider buying your vape from VaporStore, where vaporizers are handcrafted and skillfully engineered to match the specific needs of their customers. They also provide you with all the necessary tools to optimize your vaping experience. Other than the products they handcraft, they also offer some of the world’s best vaporizer brands.

2. Europe
If you live anywhere in Europe, then our suggestions would be to buy your vaporizer from either VapoShop or Azarius. VapoShop sells vaporizers, parts and accessories, and aromatherapy herbs. They carry practically everything you need for vaping and even offer free shipping for orders over €50. Azarius, for their part, offers a wide variety of vaporizers; they have both desktop and portable models. They also carry several different brands of vaporizers along with spare parts and accessories. Furthermore, they sell a variety of herbs and offer a money-back guarantee.


The best sellers don’t just offer high-quality vaporizers, but also such perks as free shipping and a money-back guarantee. Flickr.com photo by ell brown

3. United Kingdom
For those in the United Kingdom, we only have one suggestion: EveryoneDoesIt. This seller doesn’t just offer vaporizers; they’ve got practically everything you need for marijuana intake. In fact, smokers and vapers alike will be sure to appreciate their selection of products. They have U.S. made vaporizers, U.K. made vaporizers, desktop vaporizers, portable vaporizers, vaporizer pens, and vaporizer accessories. They also have bongs, water pipes, papers and blunts, smoking paraphernalia, and smoking accessories.

EveryoneDoesIt even has some lifestyle products such as incense sticks and burners, massage and tea light candles, contact lenses, camping gear, and clothing. They have an encompassing name, and so they are an encompassing store, selling a smorgasbord of products you’ll be sure to appreciate. They even offer a price match guarantee as well as a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

4. Australia or New Zealand
We also have just one suggestion on where to buy vaporizers if you’re a resident of Australia or New Zealand: Australian Vaporizers. This seller offers both desktop vapes and portable vapes in several popular brands. Other than that, they also sell vaporizer parts and accessories such as storage items, sifters, presses, digital scales, and cleaning supplies, among others. They also sell grinders made of wood, metal, acrylic, and other materials. Finally, they also offer herbs, soap, oils, and books on aromatherapy.

What these sellers have in common and what you will be sure to appreciate is that they don’t just offer high-quality products at very reasonable prices; they also offer fast and discreet delivery as well as expert advice and support. Whatever you need assistance with, they have experts who will cater to you. They also pride themselves in complementing their excellent product offerings with customer service that’s just as good. You can easily contact them online or on the phone, and they’ll help get your issues solved.

Aside from the suggestions we give you, you may also want to ask family and friends if there are sellers they can recommend. Perhaps there is a local shop in your area that offers the best vaporizer brands and models at competitive prices.

Now you have a better understanding of why you’d do well to switch from smoking to vaping, and you also have a good idea as to where you can purchase the best vaporizers, you should be ready to go shopping for one and be able to choose the best portable vaporizer for you. Happy vaping!

Where to Buy Vaporizers – Top Recommendations
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