There are now an overwhelming number of vaporizers available on the market, especially the portable versions preferred by on-the-go individuals. This can make it difficult for first-timers to decide which particular vaporizer to buy. Here, we aim to help make the choice easier for you by presenting you with comprehensive reviews of the most popular vaporizer models.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the Ascent by DaVinci. This portable vaporizer is brought to you by Las Vegas-based manufacturer. One of its most notable features, which sets it apart from the competition, is its ability to vaporize not just dry herbs, but also concentrates and essential oils. Like the original DaVinci vaporizer, the Ascent is made especially for those in need of medical marijuana and recreational consumers who simply want a healthier way of taking their tobacco.


The Ascent is the first customizable, portable vaporizer in the market.

The Package
They say first impressions last, and this may be true even with the products we buy. And how do we form our first impressions where consumer products are concerned? By judging a product’s looks, that’s how. The Ascent has the advantage of being attractively packaged, with a cardboard bow wrapped around a box that depicts Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man—very elegant, indeed.


The attractive packaging effectively gives you a positive first impression of the Ascent.

When you open the box, you’ll find the vaporizer itself already fully assembled. The box also contains a user’s manual, an extra set of the device’s glass straw, a screen set (three screens and an extra metal pick), two glass oil jars, a charger, a carrying case, an Ascent sticker, and a DaVinci social card.

The Design
Imagine one iPhone stacked on top of another. That’s the size of the Ascent. Its front has an OLED display where you can view the temperature, the temp controls, and the menu button. The top of the unit has a retractable glass straw, a stainless steel poker, and the power button. The pathway of the vapor is all glass, which helps keep the richness of the vapor’s flavor intact and does away with the taste of plastic often associated with vaporizers.


OLED display has been one definitive feature of the Ascent

The lower part of the device swings out 180 degrees to reveal its heating chamber. A glass insert is included to hold oils and concentrates, should you wish to vaporize those substances. Ground herbs can simply be loaded directly into the chamber. You can get the Ascent in carbon fiber accent design, straight black, or burl wood.


The lower part of the Ascent swings out 180 degrees to reveal the device’s heating chamber.

What to Like
Its versatility is perhaps the Ascent’s biggest advantage. Not only does it allow you to vaporize herbs, concentrates, and oils alike, but it also allows you to set the temperature, thereby giving you more control over your vaping experience, unlike other vaporizers that automatically control the temperature.

What Not to Like

Things can get a bit sticky if you use it to vaporize concentrates. You’ll want to have Q-tips and rubbing alcohol on hand. If you only vape ground herbs, though, the device will only need occasional cleaning.

The Ascent retails for $250. Overall, a good buy.

We have checked out videos online that gave honest reviews about the Ascent. Check out the video below.

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