People who are trying a product for the first time know the value of checking product reviews before making a purchase decision. The same is true of portable vaporizers. With the huge number of options available, the task of choosing the right one can easily overwhelm you unless you’re armed with some background information. Here we will discuss one of the latest additions to the handheld vaporizer market—the Firefly Vaporizer.


The Firefly is one of the latest additions to the portable vaporizer market.

Unlike other vaporizers on the market, the Firefly has a removable lithium-ion battery and air path. To open and fill the chamber, you simply have to remove the magnetic lid. Another thing that sets the Firefly apart from most portable vaporizers is its use of the convection heating method; most products of its kind use conduction for heating. You may also want to note that the Firefly can only be used for loose-leaf plant materials, which means you cannot use it for concentrates and oils.


The firefly has a removable lithium-ion battery that can take about 50 hits before you need to recharge it.

The unit has a glass viewing port, which makes it easy to monitor your material as it is heated. The unit’s battery takes about 45 minutes to charge and can be used for about 50 hits before you have to recharge it.

What to Like
One of the best attributes of the Firefly is the quick heat-up time. Having the second fastest heat-up time of all available handheld vaporizers, there is practically no wait time between powering up the device and inhaling your precious vapor. Even better news is that the quality of vapor it emits is a lot better than the device with the fastest heat-up time! Not only is the vapor one of the strongest for portable vapes, but it is also one of the best tasting.


The Firefly has the second fastest heat-up time and among the strongest and most flavorful vapors of all.

Aside from the heat-up time and vapor quality, the Firefly is also laudable for the quality of its build. Just by looking at it and holding it in your hand, you’ll know it is made with high-quality materials. Even after a few falls, the unit still works perfectly, thereby assuring you that it’ll keep providing you with flavorful vapor for years to come. Furthermore, the Firefly has a very generous five-year warranty.

What Not to Like
One major complaint about the Firefly is that it isn’t as easy to use as other portable vaporizers within $50 of its price. The price itself is also a disadvantage because this product is currently the most expensive of its kind. Another issue – although not really a major one – people have with this model is that you have to clean it after each use; some of the used material cannot be removed simply by tapping or blowing on the chamber.


Price is one of the major disadvantages of the Firefly, as it is currently the most expensive product of its kind.

If vapor quality is of high importance to you (as it should be) and you don’t mind the constant cleaning, a little bit of difficulty in operating the unit, and the high price that comes with the Firefly, then it definitely is worth buying.

The Firefly retails at $270 and comes in dark gray, silver, and red. Overall, if you have extra cash to spend, get this vaporizer.

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