The increasing number of high-quality portable vaporizers out on the market is definitely something to be excited about. After all, it gives us more opportunity to find a vaporizer that caters to all our specific needs and preferences. But the growing number of vaporizers also has a downside—it can make the choice quite overwhelming, especially for those who are using a portable vaporizer for the first time.

To help you out, we’ve put it upon ourselves to review some of the more popular names in the handheld vaporizer market. And today, we will be talking about the Solo by Arizer.


The Solo by Arizer may be one of the best vaporizers for those who are vaping for the first time.

The packaging of the Solo gives you a bit of a treasure hunt moment. You’ll think the box is small enough when the delivery guy hands it to you, but you’ll be amazed when you start opening the package and it gets smaller and smaller. In the tradition of the Russian nesting doll, the box contains a smaller box, which contains an even smaller box. The smallest box contains a chunk of foam packaging, which hides the unit itself.


The Arizer Solo package is a bit like a Russian nesting doll, with three boxes and a chunk of foam packaging covering the unit itself.

Cylindrical in shape, the Solo is 4.5 inches tall. It is powered by a rechargeable battery and controlled with two buttons. It features a series of LEDs to indicate the level of heat as well as the heater status and charging status. The electronics are housed at the bottom part of the device, while the top part contains the heating element and the chamber where you place the glass attachments you fill with herb.

What to Like
The biggest advantage of the Solo is the quality of vapor it produces—very clean and flavorful. This is perhaps due to the short airway that’s separate from the device’s electronic components. The glass stem may also play a part in preserving the richness and flavor of the vapor. Other than this, the Solo is also laudable for being very easy to use, a definite plus for beginners.


One advantage of the Arizer Solo is the clean and flavorful vapor it produces.

The unit also has a 7-setting digital temperature control that offers versatility while still keeping things simple. And another thing you might like about it is that you can continue using it even while it’s charging!

What Not to Like
Of course, just like any other consumer product, the Solo comes with some disadvantages. Perhaps the most notable is its draw resistance. The unit has considerably low airflow, which makes drawing air quite difficult and slow-going. In fact, this particular vaporizer has one of the strongest draw resistances of any vape on the market. Imagine yourself trying to draw thick milkshake through a soda straw. That’s what drawing on the Solo feels like.

All in all, the Solo may be a good vaporizer to consider, especially if you’re using one for the first time. It is a no-fuss device and it definitely gets the job done, albeit with a bit of discomfort. At the very least, it’s a good transition vape for those who are just starting to switch from smoking to vaping.

The Arizer Solo retails for $224 and comes with a charger cable. Overall, we see that the Arizer is perfect for beginners and if  you are not after portability that much, the Arizer will surely be the vaporizer for you.

Honest Review: The Arizer Solo
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